• 15-hole square silicone ice compartment

    15-hole square silicone ice compartment

    ● Silicone material, using silicone this placement, high and low temperature resistance (30 ℃ ~ 230 ℃)

    ● Material is flexible, silicone material, soft and tough

    ● Easy to demould, easy to clean

    ● Feel free to pull without deformation, rebound good not easy to aging

  • silicone suction Preservation Lid food cover

    silicone suction Preservation Lid food cover

    ● Elasticity strong adsorption force. Fresh cover has a strong adsorption force, sealed leak-proof, upside down does not leak Oh

    ● Strong adsorption, not easy to take off. With portable silicone mold, with a certain degree of adsorption, not easy to fall off.

    ● Soft plasticity. Square, round and other shapes of tableware is also applicable, once the ingredients can not be eaten, but also directly sealed fresh

  • Sealed food preservation cover

    Sealed food preservation cover

    ● Food grade silicone, safe and non-toxic, direct contact with food

    ● More convenient than cling film, more environmentally friendly than plastic Not easy to damage, durable, no fading, deformation, aging

    ● Fresh and dust-proof, can be refrigerator, microwave oven

    ● Unlimited materials, flat mouth can be used. Glass, plastic, ceramic, stainless steel, bamboo and wood can be used

  • Food Closure Bag (Trolley Model)

    Food Closure Bag (Trolley Model)

    ● Moisture-proof and fresh, using food-grade silicone material, good sealing, locking fresh, with the refrigerator use better.

    ● Easy to use. Easy to operate, put in the physical only need to gently pull the seal, you can easily keep fresh

    ● Preserve freshness widely, good sealing. Vegetables, fish. Meat, soup and other physical objects can be stored fresh.

  • Dishwashing brush (round thin model)

    Dishwashing brush (round thin model)

    ● Superb Performance

    Practical sillicone dish sponge; food-grade,extremely high strength

    ● Multipurpose Function

    Not only use for dish pot pan wash, also can be use for washing glasses, vegetables and fruit;

    ● Multiply Use

  • Dishwashing brush (long, round suction cup model)

    Dishwashing brush (long, round suction cup model)

    1. Food grade silicone material, safe and environmentally friendly.

    2. It is flexible and non-deformable, and the bristles are cleaned on both sides intensively, so that the besmirch are nowhere to be shaped.

    3. Can be used repeatedly, can also be used as insulation gloves in washing dishes, washing fruits and vegetables.

  • kitchen silicone brush anti bacterial Kitchen silicone dishwashing brush sponge

    kitchen silicone brush anti bacterial Kitchen silicone dishwashing brush sponge

    ● Selection of raw materials, long service life. Strictly selected silicone, soft and Q-tip, odorless to use.

    ● Color optional, dishwashing brush customization.

    ● Soft material. Flexible, any tear does not deform, corrosion-resistant and durable.

  • Dog bowl (large)

    Dog bowl (large)

    High quality, high quality environmental protection silicone Safe, healthy, non-toxic and tasteless Convenient, free and easy to fold Lanyard, carry climbing lanyard

  • Sink Draining Pad Behind Faucet Splash Water catcher Mat Silicone Faucet Mat for Kitchen

    Sink Draining Pad Behind Faucet Splash Water catcher Mat Silicone Faucet Mat for Kitchen

    • Hinged Design,Fits snugly sround your faucet to prevent water splashing
    • Foldable Design,Space saving and easy to storage
    • Self-Draining Design,Could quickly drain water into the sink
    • Other Usage,Small storage pads to place soap,cup,etc






  • Stick ice mold

    Stick ice mold

    Flexible, high stability Environmental protection, safety, no smell Good sealing Repeated use Resistant to ultra-low temperature Easy to make Easy to unmold Easy to clean

  • Round hole ice compartment

    Round hole ice compartment

    ● Made of 100% food grade silicone ● Non-stick, flexible and easy to clean ● bpa free ● Available in different colors and patterns,It can also be used to make chocolate ● Temperature: -40 to 230 degrees centigrade ● Freezer and dishwasher safe ● OEM / ODM orders are welcomed ● Food-Grade Material:Soft and comfortable, they can direct contact with food, good for drink & food making. ● Multi-purpose Ice Tray:DIY ice food like ice cream, pudding, jelly and freezing fruit, juice, whisky, cocktail, yogurt, coffee,baby food . ● with Stackable Lid:Comes with a lid, these easy-release trays stack easily and neatly in the freezer

  • 6 ice compartments

    6 ice compartments

    ● Silicone material, using silicone this placement, high and low temperature resistance (30 ℃ ~ 230 ℃) ● Material is flexible, silicone material, soft and tough ● Easy to demould, easy to clean ● Feel free to pull without deformation, rebound good not easy to aging ● A variety of specifications, a variety of colors for your choice ● Wide range of uses, chilled beer, beverage ice, a variety of flavors to make, refreshing summer

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